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The List of Best Kodi Movie Addons is provided here. These Movie Addons contains old, new, popular movies. Actually, Xbox Media Player is developed to display pictures, play the music file and video file playback. Present days, plenty of Third Party Addons are available in the market to watch Movies on Kodi. To install one best Kodi Movie App is not an easy task. So, here we have listed Best Kodi Addons for Movies for you. Check the list and pick one best Kodi Movie Streaming Addon to enjoy your favorite New Movies.

Best Movie Addons for Kodi 2017

Kodi has the ability to stream movies and television Shows content. If you install one Best Movie Streaming addon on Kodi, you can watch New Movies. Choosing and installing one Kodi Movie App from the list of Best Movie Addons for Kodi are not an easy task. Here we have provided clear guidance for you to pick one XBMC Movie Addon from Best Kodi Movie Addons.

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Best Movie Kodi Addons

  1. Exodus Kodi Movie App.
  2. Specto Fork – Kodi Movie Streaming Plugin.
  3. Phoenix Movie Kodi Addon.
  4. ZEN Movie App for Kodi.
  5. Popcorn Time Kodi Movie Addon.
  6. UK Turk’s Playlists – Best Kodi Movie Addons.
  7. BOB Unrestricted Kodi Addon.
  8. SALTS Movie Addon for Kodi.
  9. Kodi Movie Addon.
  10. cCloud TV Kodi Addon.

Exodus – Kodi Movie Streaming Plugin

Exodus is the Best and most popular Kodi Movie Addon. This Kodi Addon has various interesting categories like rating, Oscar winners, popular and Box Office Hit to search any movie quickly. It is a primary movie source. If you want to enjoy your favorite Movie, just install Exodus on Kodi.

Specto Fork Kodi Movie App

Specto Fork is the popular Genesis plugin. This Specto Fork Kodi Addon code is based on Genesis. The Specto Fork has the same user interface with Movies and TV shows. It has a favorites folder that allows you to quickly save and find your favorite Shows.

Phoenix Movie Kodi Addon

The Phoenix Kodi addon allows you to watch movies and TV shows from various channels. This is a classic addon, which provides content from new channels. The installation process of this Best Kodi Movie Addon is very easy. Follow the installation guide and get Phoenix Addon on Kodi.

ZEN Kodi Movie Addon

This ZEN Addon is also one of the best and popular Kodi Movie Addons. You can watch HD quality movies with this Zen Movie Addon. Its interface is very similar to Kodi Specto Addon and Exodus Kodi Movie Addon. It mainly focuses on the movies and uses Real Debrid for working at its total potential. For installing this Best Movie Addon for Kodi, you have to use Kodi Addon Repository.

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

Popcorn Time Movie App for Kodi

Popcorn is a famous Kodi Movie App which offers HD movies from torrents. This Popcorn Time movie addon Kodi easily removes the scrapers and also resolvers need. It contains a good selection of Movies. So, if you want to get Popcorn Time on Kodi, make sure to have a private and secure connection with the help of a VPN.

UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi Addon

UK Turk’s is a very good add-on with a unique layout for various categories such as Sports, live TV, TV shows, cartoons, movies, and documentaries. It has a better feature which is one-click-to play. So, you don’t need to search entire sever list for a good feed. Install UK Turk’s Playlists Addon on Kodi and watch your favorite Movies.

BOB Unrestricted – Best Kodi Movie Addons

Bob is a high-quality Kodi addon to stream content. Bob offers many advanced features for their users like New Releases section and well-received films section. It has various interesting browsing categories, such as browse by actor anthology, name, horror, crime, DC vs Marvel, and Danish collection.

SALTS Kodi Addon

SALTS is a competitor for Exodus. It is a multi-scrappers that will search through over 50 sources to connect a stream. This SALTS Kodi Movie Addon is a great addon to get higher quality movie streams. If you want to enjoy latest Movies then, you have to install SALTS Movie Addon on Kodi. Movie Addon for Kodi is one of the most popular and famous websites on the internet to watch latest movies with HD quality. The Kodi Movie4K Movie Addon uses as a backbone to provide high-quality links for newly released movies. This Movie4K Addon has a more advanced feature to protect your privacy while streaming New Movies with an addition of HTTPS protocol.

cCloud TV Kodi Movie Addon

The cCloud TV Addon Author is podgod and Coder Alpha. The newly released version of cCloud TV Addon is 1.5.1 and its repository is PodGod Addon Repository. This cCloud TV Addon offers excellent features for their users. If you want to enjoy latest Movies with HD quality then you have to install this Movie Addon on Kodi. Click here for cCloud TV Addon Installation Guide.

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