Top 10 Best Music Addons for Kodi

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Kodi is a most popular media player software which allows you to stream Movies, Sports and TV Shows. Kodi has many features, you can install Kodi Addons to increase its functionality. There are a huge number of Music Addons for Kodi are available in today’s market. With those Kodi Addons, you can enjoy all types of latest and old songs from Kodi. You want to know which is the best Music Addon for your Kodi. Here we have listed the Top 10 Best Kodi Music Addons for you. Check this Music Addon library and get one best Music Addon for you.

10 Best Kodi Music Addons 2017

There are so many Music Kodi Addons are available on market. People get confused to choose one from all Addons. To make this easy for users, here we have provided the Top 10 Most Popular and Best Kodi Music Addons. Check the features of every Kodi Music Addon from the list and pick on best for you.

Music gives peace of mind for the human. Everyone wants to listen to music to get out from stress. Listing Music on Kodi is the better choice. There are plenty of Best Kodi Music Addons available. For choosing one best and suitable Music Kodi Addon is not an easy task. Just Read the article completely and verify every Kodi Music Addon and pick one suitable and useful Music addon for you to install.

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Top 10 Music Addons for Kodi

  1. MP3 Streams.
  2. Music Box.
  3. Jango Addon.
  4. Rave Player.
  5. World Radio
  6. Vevo.
  7. House Mixes.
  8. Google Play Music Addon.
  9. OneDrive.
  10. Spotlight.

The Top10 Best Kodi Music Addons list is provided in the above section. Now, here we have clearly described each and every addon in the List of Best Music Addons for Kodi.

MP3 Streams Best Kodi Music Addon

MP3 Streams one of the Best famous and an amazing Music Kodi addon which has been developed years ago but still it regularly updated by the dev KINKIN. This Mp3Streams is the best Addon for your music center. It allows users to download music to the connected network drive or device or memory device which is an advanced feature. This Kodi Music Addon also has the best feature which allows you to add albums to a Favourites folder. You can also mix your own playlists with this MP3 Streams Kodi XBMC Addon. If you want to watch Live Sports then install SportsAccess on Kodi.

Music Box Kodi Addon

Music Box is also one of the Best Kodi Music Addons which allow users to enjoy music. The Music Box Addon has a huge number of playlists which play in the background. If these Music Box songs for not enough, then you can also search for other songs. The Music Box playlist contains Billboard lists, popular music, iTunes top songs sort by Country. But users must have to maintain account for Kodi Music Streaming. This addon is completely free but you need login details. If you are not interested in creating an account, you can change media source of Kodi.

Jango Addon – Best Kodi Music Addon

Jango Kodi Addon is the first XBMC add-on that introduces social media to stations. It is a Free Music Kodi addon, but you need to sign up for using this excellent Kodi Music Addon. You can browse various genres playlists with this Jango Addon. You can also find particular artist music from here. In this Jango Music Addon, you can play the song and watch the video of the song. When register at, your history and all your favorite songs will sync with Jango Add-on. The Music lovers can install this Jango Plugin to enjoy your favorite songs.

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Rave Player Addon for Kodi

Rave Player is another most popular Kodi Music Apps. It has a large list of playlists like podcasts mixtapes, oldskool rave tape, oldskool pirate radio sets, live oldskool radio, acid house, hardcore, jungle and drum n bass, etc. This Music Addon for Kodi is loaded with Bangin rave tunes, several DJ sets to entertain users for more hours. The Rave Player has Podcast section which allows users to listen audio with videos. So, install Rave Player Music addon and enjoy excellent music on Kodi.

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World Radio Music Addon for Kodi

World Radio is one of the most popular Kodi Music Add-on which contains a huge number of songs. It streams music from top 40, oldies 80s and 90s, Country Music, RnB or hip hop, Dance Techno, Classic, Rock, Chillout, lounge, Live Radio, Jazz and Christmas Music. So, you can install this World Radio Addon to enjoy music.

Vevo Kodi Music Addon

Vevo is also another Topmost Kodi Music Plugins. It allows users to stream Classical Music with videos. It has an advanced feature to download music videos. But it is used by only some countries like Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Poland, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Newzealand and US. On VEVO TV, you can watch Music videos with artist details. You can install this Kodi XBMC Country Music Addon with SuperRepo Repository.

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House Mixes Kodi Addon for Music

House Mixes is also one of the members in the list of Top 10 Best Kodi Music Addons. It scrapes the music from site and provides a large list of playlists. You have to login into website to browse your favorite songs. It also has various links like popular, trending, latest mixes. So, you can easily search for your loved music from the House Mixes Kodi Music App. For installing this Music Kodi addon, you can use Metal Kettles repository.

Google Play Music Addon

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Another Best Kodi Music Addon is Google Play Music Addon. The Kodi Google Play Music Addon 1.9.2 is the latest version. For using this Music Addon, you need a Google Music Account. The users who have this Google Music account can access more than 50K songs from this Music Addon. For your safety and privacy, you can use a VPN service while using Google Music Addon on XBMC. For watching Live TV shows install AzDrama on Kodi.

OneDrive Kodi Addon

OneDrive Addon is one from the Top 10 Best Kodi Music Addons. It plays Music with Pictures and Videos from the Microsoft OneDrive. You can access and manage an unlimited number of OneDrive accounts in this Kodi Music App. You can also watch videos while using Kodi Music Library. Check the installation process of OneDrive Kodi Addon to enjoy your favorite music.

Spotlight XBMC Addon for Music

Spotify is one of the famous and best Kodi Music Player. It contains thousands of songs and provides excellent features for their users. You can also search easily by using its name and save them for later. Creating a playlists folder is very easy with this Kodi Music addon. You can get this XBMC Addon from the addon installer. For using spotlight addon, you need a premium Spotify account. So, create one premium Spotify Account and enjoy your favorite music with this Kodi Music Addon.

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