How to Install AzDrama Addon on Kodi

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Are you one of the Drama Lover? Do you want to watch Korean, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan Dramas? So, you have to install AzDrana Addon on your Kodi. The Kodi AzDrama Addon allows users to watch your favorite Korean and Hong Kong TVB dramas. Here we have provided the step by step process for installing AzDrama on Kodi. Follow the AzDrama article carefully and learn how to install AzDrama Addon on Kodi.

All the Drama lovers who want to stream HD quality Dramas on Online have to know about this excellent Kodi Addon AzDrama. This Kodi Addon is the perfect choice for the users who are regularly watching TV Series and Movie online. Download AzDrama Addon on Kodi and watch your favorite TV Shows.

AzDrama Kodi Addon – Installation Guide ( AzDrama App)

There are two different ways to install AzDrama Addon on Kodi. If you are using Kodi Jarvis then you have to follow the first method else you can follow the second method of installation Guide. Before going to install first, you have to know that this AzDrama Addon is not a part of Kodi. If you face any problem, you have to contact AzDrama Team. Please don’t go to official Kodi site to get help for Kodi AzDrama Addon.

The Basic information of Kodi AzDrama Addon is also provided here. AzDrama Addon Author is Dknight (maintained by cthlo). The Repository for AzDrana Addon is Indian dk-xbmc-repaddon Add-on Repository and the host is This AzDrama Kodi is used to watch Chinees, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong TVB and Korean Dramas. It also provides English Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows. This AzDrama Kodi Addon is the perfect Kodi Addon to watch your favorite TV Shows Live.

2 Methods to Install AzDrama Addon on Kodi

The two different methods of AzDrama Kodi Installation is clearly described here. If you are using Kodi Jarvis then follow the method which defined for Kodi Jarvis. If you are using Kodi Krypton the follow the Kodi Krypton AzDrama installation method.

Steps to Install AzDrama Addon on Kodi Jarvis

  1. Go to Kodi Jarvis home screen.
  2. Go to System heading.
  3. There you can see File Manager icon, click on that File Manager folder.
  4. Next, click on Add source.
  5. Now, Click on box which says <None>.
  6. Next, enter URL as and click Done option.
  7. Label it as fusion and hit OK.
  8. Go back to Kodi home Page, and click on System option.
  9. Click on Add-ons.
  10. Choose option Install from zip file.
  11. Select fusion and choose
  12. Wait for a moment, to get a notification message which says add-on is enabled.
  13. Now, go back to home screen of Kodi and click on Programs.
  14. Go to Program Addons.
  15. Select Addon Installer.
  16. Choose Search by the Addon/Author and AZdrama.
  17. Click on AZdrama, and Click AzDrama Install button.
  18. Wait for a minute to get a notification message.
  19. Now, go to Home page of Kodi.
  20. Select Videos.
  21. Click on Video Add-Ons.
  22. Choose AZdrama to watch your favorite TV Shows.

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Install AzDrama Addon on Kodi v17 Krypton – Step by Step Process

  1. Got to Kodi home screen.
  2. Double-click on File Manager folder icon.
  3. Next, scroll down the list to Add source heading.
  4. Just, double click on that particular heading.
  5. A Pop up will display with name as Add file source.
  6. Click on highlighted line which says <None>.
  7. Enter this URL and hit Done option.
  8. Now, you have to name it as fusion.
  9. Click OK button.
  10. Go to Kodi home screen and click on Add-ons.
  11. Click on add-on browser screen.
  12. Now, you have to Select Install from zip file.
  13. Click on fusion.
  14. Choose
  15. Wait few minutes to get a notification.
  16. Go to Addons and select Program Addons.
  17. Choose Addon Installer and select Addon/Author for search by and type AZdrama.
  18. Click on AZdrama and click Install button.
  19. Now, wait to get a notification message.
  20. The installation is completed. To Access AzDrama Addon go to the Kodi Home Screen.
  21. Select Add-ons and click on Videos.
  22. Click on AZdrama to enjoy your favorite TV Dramas.

Watch Cartoon Online Addon on Kodi

The people who love to watch TV Dramas definitely want to install the best addon which uses as their source. This AzDrama Addon is a most popular Kodi Addon which will allow users to enjoy TV series so you will never miss those shows you want to watch. Follow the above methods and install AzDrama Kodi Addon and enjoy your favorite TV Shows. You can also install BayKoreans Addon to watch Korean Dramas.

It is becoming a daily routine to watch TV Shows. If you miss your favorite TV Shows, you will keep thinking about what happened in that TV Shows. So install AzDrama Addon on Kodi and shows regularly. The AzDrama Kodi Addon is the perfect Choice to watch Latest TV Shows Online.

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