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Goodfellas Kodi Addon is a latest Kodi Addon which has a very extensive library for good live streaming. This Goodfellas Addon is specially developed for live sports. This Kodi Addon is one of the best alternatives for SportsDevil and cCloud TV Addons. If you want to learn how to install Goodfellas on Kodi then you have read this article completely. Here we have provided step by step process of Goodfellas Addon Installation, follow those instructions and get Goodfellas on Kodi.

Install Goodfellas Kodi Addon

Goodfellas Addon is a competitor for popular live TV streaming XBMC Kodi Addons. This Addon is extremely easy to install and use. It has various categories with different options. This Kodi Addon includes the popular US-based cable channels like HGTV, HBO, ESPN etc and most popular UK TV stations like Sky, Sky movie and BBC stations.

Before going to install this Goodfellas Kodi Addon, you have to know some information about this Kodi Addon. Actually, this Goodfellas Addon is not a part of official Kodi. It is a third-party Addon. If you face any problem with this Kodi Addon, the official Kodi Team is not responsible for it. If you want help, then you have to contact Goodfellas Addon Team.

The installation process of this Goodfellas Kodi Addon is very easy. But, you have to know that this addon will occasionally stop working without any reason. If you face trouble, just comment us. We will try our best to give support for our users.

How to Install Goodfellas Kodi Addon

Step by step process of installation is clearly described here. If you are a new Kodi user then you may feel is a little bit difficult. But, it is very easy for the regular Kodi Users. Follow the given steps one by one and get Goodfellas Kodi.

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Steps to install Goodfellas 2.0 Addon on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi Main Screen.
  2. Click on the settings menu.
  3. Click on File manager.
  4. Again, Click on Add source.
  5. Select empty box and enter URL as
  6. Select Done.
  7. Name this Media Source as Goodfellas and select OK.
  8. Return back to the Kodi home screen.
  9. Click on Add-ons.
  10. Next, My Addons.
  11. Click on the ellipses then Install from zip file.
  12. Click on Goodfellas.
  13. Now, select the repository folder.
  14. Click on the file.
  15. Now, you will get a message that shows your add-on is enabled.
  16. Go back to the Previous Screen.
  17. Click on Install from repository option.
  18. Select Goodfellas 2.0 and click on Video Addons.
  19. Select Goodfellas then click on Install option to start the installation.
  20. Now, the Goodfellas Addon is installed on Kodi.

Now, Goodfellas is installed successfully on Kodi Device. You can also install Icefilms Kodi Addon and Exodus Kodi Addon to watch your favorite Movies and TV Shows Online.

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