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Icefilms Kodi Addon is a most popular and best Kodi Addon which allows users to stream Live TV Shows and Movies. You can stream your favorite TV Shows and Movies and also you can download those on your memory device to watch later. The Kodi Icefilms Addon provides more than 77,000 Videos for their users. Do you want to know how to install this great Kodi Addon? Here is the procedure for you. Just read the step by step Installation process of Icefilms on Kodi and watch your favorite Movies and TV Shows on Kodi.

How to Install Icefilms Kodi Addon

If you want to install Icefilms Kodi Addon, before that you have to know minimum information about this Addon. The important information of this Best Kodi Addon are clearly provided here. Keep reading and get knowledge about this Kodi Addon. The Kodi Icefilms Addon Author is Eldorado and its latest version is 1.99.70. This Icefilms Kodi Addon Repository is Eldorado’s XBMC Addons and the host is You can stream thousands of Movies and TV Shows with HD quality in this Icefilms Addon.

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First, you have to know that this Icefilms Addon is not a part of official Kodi. This Icefilms Kodi Addon is developed by Icefilms Team. If you face any trouble just contact Icefilms Team. They will support you to overcome your trouble.

Icefilms Addon on Kodi – Installation Guide

Various methods are available to install Icefilms on Kodi. Here, we have provided three methods of Icefilms Addon on Kodi. First method is the direct method, second method is using SuperRepo and third method is using Indigo. Just you have to choose one of those methods and get Icefilms Addon on Kodi to watch TV Shows and Movies.

Direct Method to install Icefilms Addon on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi XBMC application.
  2. Scroll down to Addons.
  3. On the right of the screen, click on My Addons option under Categories.
  4. Next, click on the ellipses tab.
  5. Now, click on Install from zip.
  6. Search for the file and click on install option.
  7. Now, the Icefilms Addon is installed on your Kodi Device.
  8. Navigate to Addons –> Video Addons and click on Icefilms to watch TV Shows and Movies.

SuperRepo Repository to install Icefilms Kodi Addon

  1. Open Kodi Main Screen.
  2. Next, Scroll down to Addons.
  3. Select Addons tab, click on My Addons option under Categories.
  4. Click on the ellipses tab.
  5. Now, click on Install from repository.
  6. Click on SuperRepo.
  7. Look for Video addons and click on it.
  8. Search for Icefilms Addon.
  9. Click on Icefilms Kodi Addon.
  10. Next, click on install option from the Icefilms Addon to get Icefilms on Kodi.

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Indigo Repository for installing Icefilms on Kodi

  1. Go to Addons.
  2. Click on Programs.
  3. Click on Indigo Kodi.
  4. Next, click on Addon Installer.
  5. Click on Search by Addon/Author.
  6. Enter Icefilms.
  7. Click on Icefilms folder and Click on install Icefilms option.
  8. Now, Icefilms Kodi Addon is installed on your Kodi Device.

Icefilms Alternatives

Icefilms is one of the famous Kodi Addons which provides live streaming for their users. There are so many alternative Addons are also available to stream TV Shows and Movies. Here we have provided some Icefilms Kodi Alternatives for you. Take a look at it and install one of the best Kodi Addon on your Kodi Device.

You can also install AzDrama Kodi Addon to watch TV Shows on Kodi. BayKoreans Addon is also one of the Best Kodi Addons to watch Koreans Dramas with HD Quality.

We think the Icefilms Kodi Addon Article helped you to learn how to install Kodi Icefilms Addon on Kodi. Install Icefilms for Kodi and enjoy your favorite TV Shows and Movies online. You can also install Cinema Box, Showbox and Movie Box APK to enjoy Movies and TV Shows.

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