How to Install Kodi on Roku – 100% Perfectly Working Methods

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You want to Stream your favorite TV Shows and Movies then Kodi is a best friend for you. Kodi is more popular because of its compatibility with Any device or Operating Systems like Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, PS4, Xbox or even Roku. In this Kodi on Roku guide, we will show you how to install Kodi on Roku and watch your favorite TV Shows and Movies for free. So, read the article completely and learn how to install Kodi for Roku to watch Movies.

If you want unlimited entertainment then you have to Install Kodi on Roku. The combination of Kodi for Roku is perfect to get entertainment for entire your family. If you want to know how to get Kodi on Roku then you have read this article completely. Check the article and get Kodi on Roku to enjoy New Movies.

Install Kodi on Roku – Kodi for Roku Guide

Roku is one of the popular and best media streaming set-top box that is useful to stream media content from the internet and watch that content on your TV. Roku is available in many models and has many advanced features and functionalities. All the models of Roku can access more than 3500 channels and provides HD Content. Roku can help you to stream music, movies, films, images etc on your TV easily.

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Everyone know that Kodi is the best media player which streams media content and provide us HD Content on our TV by using the internet. As we mentioned above, that Kodi is fully compatible. It supports different operating Systems like Android, iOS, Windows etc. If we combine Kodi on Roku together then this combination will be best for entertainment. Roku downloads the HD media content with just having a good internet connection. You can easily connect Roku to the Internet through wired network or Wifi connection. The Roku4 latest version supports 4k streaming.

Roku is the best option for you if you have 4k TV for home entertainment. Kodi is an open source technology. But installing Kodi on Roku is not possible because Kodi supports Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu operating systems while Roku does not support these operating systems. Kodi is a C or C++ application and Roku does not work with C++ or C applications. So you cannot install Kodi on Roku. You cannot get Kodi for Roku Devices.

Why is Installing Kodi on Roku Not Possible ?

Kodi supports Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu. But Roku does not support any of these Operating Systems. So, there is no way for you to install Kodi Roku.

Kodi software is a simple C/C++ application. Roku does not support simple C/C++ applications. If Roku supports or allows C/C++ on their device, then you can get Kodi for Roku. But present there is no way to install Kodi XBMC for Roku. From the above section, you know that you cannot install Kodi Roku. But, you can Cast content of Kodi XBMC to Roku. It is not installing Kodi on Roku, but at least you can watch Kodi Content on your Roku.

Tips and Tricks to Install Kodi on Roku

There are two simple methods to install Kodi for Roku to stream the media content and watch latest HD movies and TV Shows. Those are clearly described here. Follow one of those methods and stream Content of Kodi on Roku.

Method 1: Using Windows PC

  1. First, Go to the start menu by clicking on Window button.
  2. Now, you have to type Device Setting in the search bar.
  3. Next, click on the Add Device on the displayed screen.
  4. Select Roku 3 from the streaming device.
  5. Now, you can see a purple colored display screen on Roku 3 or Roku Stick.

Method 2: Using Android Smartphone

  1. First, Click on the Home Button on Roku Streaming Stick or Roku 3.
  2. Next, go to Settings.
  3. Select System Updates to check that you have the Software latest version at least 5.2 or not.
  4. Go back to the Settings.
  5. Next, Select Screen Mirroring from the options list.
  6. Click on Enable Screen Mirroring then press on.

How to Jailbreak Kodi Roku Streaming Stick

Roku is one of best and popular media streaming device that works only with Smart TV. People who are looking for the methods for Jailbreak Roku surely want to stream Live TV Shows and Latest movies free. Already Roku offers a huge number of TV channels to stream content of TV Shows and Movies. Jailbreak Roku is the easiest method to get Kodi for Roku.

Kodi is an open-source streaming software which is flexible and compatible with all smart devices whether it is a Tablet, Smartphone or a TV. Roku does not work on Android or Linux Operating Systems. So, we can’t jailbreak Kodi Roku.

Roku is the most popular streaming device which streams YouTube, Amazon Video, HULU, and Netflix etc. You can also watch Latest movies on Google play movies with HD quality. Because of the reasons like OS, it doesn’t work with Kodi XBMC. But we have alternatives to use Kodi on Roku.

Simple Trick to Stream Kodi and Jailbreak Roku

Installing Kodi on Android device is very easy. Users can apply Jailbreak Roku method to use XBMC Kodi on Roku. It is impossible to jailbreak Roku, so we use HDMI Cable and connect Android device in which Kodi is already installed with Roku. This is an alternative method to get Kodi for Roku. This is a simple Setup for the streaming device which can be done easily by anyone without having technical knowledge.

Roku Streaming Stick Features

Roku is a media set-top Box contains 2500+ channels those channels are available on all models of Roku. Kodi is a Media Player so it receives content from the internet and displays it on your smart TV with HDMI Cable. Roku is controlled by a remote control device offered with the Set-top box of Roku or with your iOS or Android device. The Kodi Streaming software with Roku Stick is a good combination for entertainment ever. Kodi does not support the current version of Roku. So you have to wait for the next version of Roku that has compatibility to install Kodi on Roku. The Best Features list of Roku is provided here. Take a look at it and check the Roku Features.

Roku Features

  • The people who have 4k Smart TVs can use Roku 4 Stick. The Roku 4 Streaming Stick is specially designed for 4K Smart TVs.
  • Roku has some shortcuts for Netflix, Hulu and other popular TV Channels.
  • You can connect Roku through wired internet connection or Wifi networks easily and Stream Movies in HD quality.
  • Roku gives guarantee for the best entertainment when it connects Exodus and Kodi.
  • You can easily search your favorite Movies and TV Shows on Roku.
  • You can use Screen mirroring on Android Devices and Windows on all models of Roku excepts Roku 1.
  • Roku provides HD quality and High-speed content on Netflix and YouTube.

How to use of Roku without Installing Kodi

Using Roku without Kodi is the safest method to watch Latest movies and TV Shows. You can watch a huge number of TV channels with free of cost. Some TV channels are not available with Roku but remaining channels are free to use without any Illegal content. Kodi XBMC is also a most popular and best streaming software and it does not have illegal contents but different Kodi add-ons like Exodus make illegal use of Kodi.

Reason for Installation of Kodi On Roku is not good

Roku is a most popular and best media streaming Set-top box because of that reason people trust on Roku and use it. Roku does not support Kodi and various other Android applications, but it fulfills the user requirements and their entertainment. In Roku, you can get all the streamed content in HD quality except torrent. Use of Torrent is considered as illegal in some countries like US, UK. If you belong to these countries then you have to be careful while using Torrent. You can use best VPN Service to protect yourself from police.

Roku Device consists all TV series and latest movies all that content are safe to watch. Roku contains only legal content so you don’t need to worry for using Roku Streaming stick. And also it does not support to install Kodi. Actually, Officially Kodi doesn’t support Torrent but the developers of Kodi makes Kodi Addons to use torrent files. The torrent content usage can take you to the police. So, Using Roku Streaming stick is safest for you.

Roku is stable, but the Kodi is not a stable software. Some of the functionalities of Kodi do not work properly. You may face errors and issues while using XBMC Kodi when watching Movies, Music and any other TV Shows on Kodi. Normally Kodi supports only major apps. So, Use of Kodi on Roku is not so good.

Free Channels of Roku

A large number of channels are available on Roku those are absolutely free of cost. Just you need a good internet connection to watch 4k HD content. If you want to buy a Roku device then it is one of the great ideas. You can find the best list of Free channels on Roku. Currently, Roku selling 4K TV. If you want to buy a Smart TV then have a look on it.

Kodi for Smart TV

Merits and Demerits of Kodi Roku

Kodi is a famous and best media player software which has advanced features to install Kodi Add-ons that increases Kodi functionality. Kodi XBMC is an open source media center software. It is free and easy to use. You can install illegal Addons to stream pirated content. There are number of Add-ons available for Kodi XBMC that officially doesn’t support.

The Best thing of Kodi is a free and open source. For enjoying Kodi, we need a hardware like Laptop, Computer, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV or HTPC. One of the Cons of Kodi is tough content streaming.

Features of Kodi
  • Open Source Media Center Software.
  • Freely Available.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Supports Multi Platforms.
  • Easy Customization.
  • Easy Access.
  • Huge Content.
  • Gives full control to user.

Plex on Roku

Plex is one of the free Streaming media tools to a Roku device. Roku cannot stream personal storage stuff like movies and music. Plex helps Roku to do this. The Setup of Plex is complicated but it works super. Currently, Plex is a famous media server app. Generally, plex is preinstalled on Roku. If you don’t have a Plex server then install it. The Setup of Plex Sever is very easy. Just Download the Plex server for and follow the instructions to include media content. After Syncing process finish, you are ready to proceed.

Difference Between Plex and Kodi

Kodi and Plex both are famous and great media player softwares. Plex and Kodi are similar to each other but they have differences in their customization and features. If you have Roku device then use Plex. With Plex, you can safely use Roku. You don’t need to worry about Plex features. Plex is a paid service with great features while the Kodi is free.

Pros and Cons of Plex

Plex is a part of Kodi. Plex is not an open source but user-friendly. So, Plex users have a good control on their products. Plex Customization is not an easy task and it will never allow you to install illegal or pirated stuff. Plex has various advanced features, you can set up from hardware devices. After setup finishes, you can enjoy the streamed content on any device such as Laptop, Smart TV, Firestick, Mobile, Tablet, Roku etc.

The best Feature of Plex is supporting sharing and Multi-platforms. The Plex paid features provides the facility to Sync your library by using a cloud server. Users can stream Movies and Videos from anyplace with a good internet.

Main Things to Know About Kodi on Roku

The great thing to know about Kodi on Roku that watching pirated or illegal videos or music are endorsed by Kodi team and also it is paid. Before using these type contents you need to abide by the Kodi Team rules and regulations as well as Roku. Here we listed the benefits of Kodi Using.

TV Shows

Kodi on Roku is the great combination for watching Movies and TV shows. Kodi for Roku provides the great feature to watch the full season of TV series with their posters that are used for watching tags. It also provides description of TV shows and Star Casts. Kodi on Roku offers the function to make the list of your favorites or to make a media library of special scenes.

Download MovieBox APK


Kodi has the ability to play all type of music formats such as MP3, AAC, OCG and FLAC etc. Kodi has a tagging support, cur sheet, music brain integration, smart playlists and other facilities to provide full control over a wide range of music.


Kodi supports large variety of HD Movies and also supports new formats and latest movies sources combining of Online stream media that is H264, ISOs, WEBM and 3D that helps users to import latest movies with full posters and information of Movie trailers and cast.

Kodi App VS Roku Device

Kodi is a famous and best open source software which is available for smart devices. It is easy to download and compatible various operating systems like Android, Linux and Windows.

You can easily Install Kodi on Tablet, Smartphone or on any other smart device to stream movies, TV Series and other media content. Kodi on Roku offers a good platform to watch your favorite movies and videos on the internet. Here we have provided some difference between Kodi App and Roku.

Kodi media streaming software provides the best experience to watch your favorite movies and TV show on your Mobile, Smart TV or Tablet. Roku is a famous streaming media device which helps to stream videos, movies, music on your smart device such as Mobile, Smart TV from the internet.

You can say that Kodi as a Media Center App or a tool which can be installed on any Smart device. But Roku is a device, we can call it as a streaming stick.

Kodi installation is very easy. Installing Roku is easier than installing Kodi.

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Important Facts to Install Kodi on Roku

People who are already using Roku perfectly know the features of using Roku like watching Movies, TV shows, Music and Videos on Roku. If they think to get Kodi Roku they have to know complete details before going to install Kodi on Roku.

Roku Users who want to install Kodi on Roku they don’t know some promising facts of using Kodi for Roku. The Users of Roku need a mirror platform for installing Kodi on Roku 2/3/4.

We think this Kodi on Roku Article helped you to install Kodi for Roku. If you get any trouble comment us to get a better support from us. We can confidently say that Kodi on Roku is the best combination to get full enjoyment. This Kodi Roku combination will give you excellent entertainment experience.

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