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SportsDevil Kodi Addon: If you are a sports lover then you must know about this SportsDevil Addon. The SportsDevil XBMC Addon is perfect choice for the users to stream live sports online. If you want to know more details about how to download SportsDevil Addon, read this article completely.

Sportsdevil is a most popular and great free live Sports provider including NFL on Kodi. If you want to enjoy Live Sports then you have to install SportsDevil Kodi Addon. It provides live streaming of every sports match. The installation process of the SportsDevil addon is very easy. Here we have provided installation steps for you. Follow those instructions and get SportsDevil Addon on Kodi XBMC.

Install SportsDevil Addon on Kodi

Age is not a deal to watch Sports. Everyone wants to watch their favorite sports matches live on Kodi. SportsDevil is a free service which allows their users to enjoy Live Sports on Kodi. If you want to install SportsDevil Kodi Addon then follow the given simple installation methods. Those methods are useful for you to get SportsDevil Addon on Kodi.

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Before going to install Kodi SportsDevil Addon, you have to know that this Addon is not a part of Kodi XBMC official. This is developed by SportsDevil Team. If you face any trouble with this addon you have to contact SportsDevil Team for help. Kodi official does not provide help for SportsDevil Addon.

Install SportsAccess on Kodi

The SportsDevil Addon has GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Version 2, June 1991 and it is host by If you want any support while installing SportsDevil, you can just comment us. We will quickly answer your queries. We prefer SportsDevil Kodi Addon is the perfect option to watch Live Sports on Kodi.

Install SportsDevil Kodi Addon

The method of installing SportsDevil on Kodi Krypton and Kodi Jarvis are different. Based on the version of Kodi, you can choose on of the two methods and install SportsDevil Kodi Addon.

Install SportsDevil on Kodi Jarvis – Step by Step Process

  1. Go to Main Menu of Kodi.
  2. Select System and navigate to File Manager >> Add Source.
  3. Next, Enter URL ad and name it as fusion.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Now, go to Kodi home screen.
  6. Navigate to SYSTEM >> Add-Ons >> Install from Zip File >> Fusion.
  7. Click on xbmc-repos and select English.
  8. Now, click on
  9. The user has to wait few seconds to get Addon enabled notification.
  10. Click Install from Repository to install Kodi SportsDevil Addon.
  11. Click on Unofficial SportsDevil repository.
  12. Select Video Add-ons and choose SportsDevil.
  13. Click on Install option to get SportsDevil on Kodi.
  14. Now, Installation is completed. You can enjoy Live Sports Streaming on SportsDevil XBMC Kodi Jarvis.

Installation Process to get SportsDevil Kodi Krypton

  1. Go to Main Screen of Kodi.
  2. Click on Settings Option.
  3. Select System Settings and click on Add-ons.
  4. Click on Turn On Unknown Sources and select Yes.
  5. Now, Type URL as and click on done option.
  6. Next, name the media Source as Fusion and click OK.
  7. Now, go to Kodi Main Menu.
  8. Select Add-ons then click on Add-on Browser.
  9. Navigate to Install from Zip File >> Fusion >> xbmc-repos >> english >>
  10. You have to wait few seconds to see addon enabled notification of Kodi SportsDevil.
  11. Next, click on Install from Repository to install SportsDevil Kodi Addon.
  12. Go to Unofficial SportsDevil repository.
  13. Click on Video Add-ons and select SportsDevil Addon.
  14. Click Install button to install SportsDevil on Kodi.
  15. Now, the SportsDevil Kodi Addon is installed on Kodi.
  16. Go to Home Page of Kodi.
  17. Click on Videos and Select Addons.
  18. Now, Click on SportsDevil to watch your favorite Sports live Streaming.

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Features of Kodi SportsDevil Addon

  • Every live sporting event streaming is available on SportsDevil.
  • Mostly live Baseball, Hockey and Basketball games are streamed.
  • Every NFL game will be streamed.
  • All boxing, wrestling PPV and UFC available.
  • UK Football /League Soccer streams are available in multiple qualities.

Trouble Shooting of Sportsdevil Addon

Some people are getting confused while installing and using SportsDevil Kodi Addon. So here we are providing the solutions for their problems.

  • SportsDevil Addon is compatible with platforms of Kodi such as Mac, Linux, Windows or Raspberry Pie etc. Some of the platforms browser or file manager is not available or you can access it directly for so you have to know how to use zip file and also how to use a USB Stick for help.
  • The SportsDevil latest Version Kodi addon from IWF1 is available to download. If you face any problem with streams that takes very long time to work then check updates and ensure to use Sportsdevil Add-on.
  • If you face difficulty in downloading or updating the Sportsdevil Addon by the Kodi’s Caching mechanism. The easiest and best solution to avoid these problems is to uninstall the Kodi Sportsdevil and you have to delete the repository that is downloaded with the SportsDevil add-on. Next, Restart the Kodi XBMC and reinstall SportsDevil Addon again.

You can also install BayKoreans Addon to watch Live TV Shows. If you want to get Kodi on Roku then check the installation Steps of Kodi on Roku.

The SportsDevil Kodi Addon is the best choice for you to watch your favorite Live Sports on Kodi. We think now you know how to install Kodi Sports Devil Addon. Enjoy Live Sports in SportsDevil Addon on Kodi.

Alterntive Addons for SportsDevil

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