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Jio Security App is one of the perfect App to enjoy advanced and smart features of a smartphone. It protects your mobile and secures your data. This JioSecurity App is the perfect protection for Android Smartphones against digital threats. If you want more information about this Jio Security APK, just read this article completely. In this Jio Tutorial, we have provided complete information regarding Reliance Jio Security App.

Jio Security App

JioSecurity is an award winning App Advisor. It safeguards your phone from 3 million malicious Android apps and 8 million privacy leak apps. It is a perfect security app advisor to save your smartphone from 7,00,000 data consuming or phone battery draining apps. You can find the location of your lost smartphone with Remote easily. And you can also Locate or set an alarm for finding your lost mobile device.

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This Jio Security App protects your smartphone against unsafe websites. It has complete security from fraudulent websites, malwares, Trojans, viruses and other threats. The JioSecurity App has advanced features of Contact information restoration. It restores contact information if you accidentally delete or transfer information to a new phone. It has easy sync-up of contact details across your Android & iOS.

JioSecurity App Features


It offers to scan for malware and other risks.


You can easily block unwanted calls and Messages.

Sneak Peak

It provides an offer to remotely take a picture in case of your smartphone theft.

Phone lock

You can remotely lock your smartphone when lost.

Identity Protection

You can select and delete data from lost or stolen mobile device.

Report Card

It provides a comprehensive Privacy report card for all apps.

Proactive Protection

It scans apps before downloading.

How to Install JioSecurity App on Smartphone ?

If you want to install JioSecurity on Smartphone, you need to meet the following requirements.

Android System Requirements

Operating system – Android 4.0.3 version or Higher

Browser Support for Web Protection

  • Google Chrome 18 for Android or Higher.
  • Android standard Internet browser.
  • Firefox for Android 37.0.2 version or Higher.
  • Samsung standard browser 1.0 version or Higher.
  • Opera 8.0 version or Higher.
  • Operating systems – iOS 8.0 version or Higher.

Frequently Asked Questions of Jio Security App

How do I use the JioSecurity Anti-Theft feature?

Jio Security App provides the following Anti-Theft features. You can use these features through web and SMS to find and protect the lost device of yours.

Lock: Lock your lost mobile device from the JioSecurity site or by sending an SMS.

Call: Make a voice call over Internet to the iOS device.

Scream: You can easily trigger an audible alarm to find lost device if it is nearby.

Locate: Locate your lost device on the map or receive the co-ordinates of its location through Message.

Sneak Peek: Take a snapshot using the smartphone camera to help find the lost device of yours. This excellent feature is not available through Message.

Wipe: You can delete all your data and personal details securely from the lost device.

Both SMS based and web-based Anti-Theft use the same passcode which is generated Automatically when you register the device. You can also change the Anti-Theft passcode by signing in to the Jio Security site with your Jio ID and Password.

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How can I restore my contacts using Jio Security App?

To restore your contacts using Jio Security app, you need to have a backup which is created first using JioSecurity App. Depending on your mobile device, follow the given instructions in one of the following sections.

Restoring contacts on an Android device

  1. Go to Home Screen.
  2. Launch the Jio Security app.
  3. Swipe through the screens for reaching the Device screen.
  4. Tap Contact Backup.
  5. Next to Backups, select the mobile device from the drop-down for creating a backup for and which you need to restore on the current device.
  6. From the given list of backups, select the backup that you need to restore, and then follow one of the following:
    1. To merge contacts from the backup with existing contacts on the mobile device, select Append and tap Restore.
    2. To delete existing contacts on the smartphone and replace with the contacts from the backup, next select Overwrite and tap on Restore.

Now, your contacts are successfully restored.

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How do I perform JioSecurity anti-malware scan in JioSecurity?

Anti-Malware protects your smartphone by scanning for removing malware and grayware.

Steps to run an Anti-Malware scan

  1. Go to Home Screen.
  2. Launch the JioSecurity app.
  3. Swipe through the screens for reaching the App Security screen.
  4. Tap on Anti-Malware.
  5. In the Anti-Malware screen, Just tap on Scan Now to start the scan. JioSecurity scans your smartphone for spyware or malicious apps. When the scan finishes, the scan results will be displayed on the screen.

About Jio

Now a days, Jio is the most famous and popular name in India in 2016-17. Reliance Industries Limited has launched Jio Sim with 4G technology. Almost everyone in Indian are using this Jio services. Mukesh Ambani is the one who launched Jio service. It provides free calling and data to the Smartphones. If you have a smart mobile with 4G technology, then you can use this Jio Service. For using Jio Services, you need My Jio Account.

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