A Tutorial to get Kodi on iphone – Install Kodi on your IOS Mobile

Install Kodi on iphone

Kodi is available on iphone. Here you can download the latest version of Kodi for your IOS Mobile. Nowadays most of the people are using IOS mobiles. It will be great if you have Kodi on your Apple phone. But it is not available in the iphone App Store. As it is not available on IOS App store, it should be downloaded from Cydia software store. But this is possible only on the devices that are jailbroken. So let’s try to install Kodi on iphone.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a popular media software that allows you to stream videos, music, movies and more on your Smart TV. With this Kodi, you can watch and download the videos from internet with less streaming. Though you have installed Kodi, you need to add-ons to have good experience with your Kodi. There are various Kodi add-ons that allows you to stream your favorite programs. The add-ons are like music add-ons, Movie Addons, Sports Add-ons, cartoon add-ons, etc. Here you can get the direct links to download your favorite addons for your Kodi Device.

Install Kodi on iphone

Have you tried installing Kodi on your iphone. If not, try once. Here you can get the installation process of Kodi on iphone for free. You can install Kodi your Apple phone for free. But the free version of Kodi is available for 7 days. If you want to have Kodi forever, you should have paid account. Yo can make the payment on yearly basis or monthly basis.

As we said before installation of Kodi, you need to have jailbreaking device. This is possible when you install this Cydic and Kodi IPA file. For this, you need to have Windows or MAC which allows to install soft wares from non-app store. Here you can get the direct links to install Kodi on iphone. So check the process and install on your IOS mobile.

Download Cydic Impactor.

Direct Link to download Kodi IPA File.

Steps to install Kodi in IOS Mobile

  • Connect your ipad or iphone to your Windows or MAC.
  • It is obvious that iTunes will be opened once you connect your IOS mobile to your PC. So turn it off when you connect your mobile.
  • Now open Cydic Impactor on your PC. Drag the Kodi IPA file into your App from the location where you have stored in your computer.
  • Click on the IOS mobile from the drop down menu and click start.
  • Now Cydic side loader will ask for Apple Login ID and password. These login details are used to verify your IPA file. And these details can be used only once for single IPA File.
  • Once the app has installed click on settings.
  • Click on General-> Profile Device Management.
  • There you can find Apple Login. Click to Open it.
  • You will get the warning to trust the source or not.
  • Click on “Trust”. This will start your installation of Kodi on your iphone.
  • This will take the few minutes to complete the installation.
  • Now open the app and enjoy the benefits of Kodi on your IOS mobile.

We hope this process will help you to get the Kodi on iphone. So enjoy the streaming with Kodi on your IOS mobile. You can also install various add-ons to get additional features of Kodi on your IOS mobile. For more updates like this, keep visiting our site.

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