How to Update Kodi -Update Kodi Krypton on Android, MAC, Windows

Kodi Update

Have you installed Kodi on your Device? Do you want to update Kodi device? Kodi is one of the best media center software for HTPC devices. It has regular updates for their users. With every update, it solves the bugs of previous versions and gives new experience to their users. So check the process of Kodi update and enjoy the new version of Kodi on your HTPC device.

How to Update Kodi?

Kodi is the popular among the media software users. Most of the users have installed Kodi on their Android, IOS devices. If you have already installed Kodi on your Smart TV, it is time to update the Kodi. Kodi Update is available for MAC, Windows, etc.

Most of the users have Kodi Krypton on their devices. Kodi Krytpon V17.3 is the latest version of the Kodi software. It is common when we install the software, we will get the update notification. We will have a regular update option to get the latest version. But it is different for the Kodi software. The Update process differs for the device. It means the process of Kodi update differs according to the Operating System of the Device you have installed. Here we have provided the complete steps to update Kodi depending on the device you have installed.

Kodi Update

Steps for Kodi Update

Kodi is a open software that allows you to stream videos, music, cartoon, sports, and more at home. Kodi is the best for your living room. You can enjoy the videos at home. But to latest updates, you need to update your Kodi. This segment gives you the brief about updating Kodi on your HTPC device. So let’s check the process of Kodi updating.

Update Kodi on Windows

Kodi is now available on Windows OS. To update this Kodi, you need to replace the current version. For this you can visit the official site of Kodi. There you will find the list of operating systems. Click on the Windows and follow the instructions.

Update Kodi on Windows

How to Update Kodi on Android?

Most of the Android users install Kodi on their devices. Kodi is better when you have Android users. It is very easy to install Kodi on Android. Even it is available on Google Play store. You just need to search for the Kodi on the search bar. From there you can directly install Kodi on Android.

Once you have installed Kodi, it is time to update on the system. For this, you just need to go to the Google Play Store on your Android device. Go to Google Play Store, and search for the Kodi for Android. As you have already installed the Kodi on your device, you will get option to update it. Click on the Update to get the latest version of Kodi.

Update Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick

Updating Kodi on Amaon Fire Stick is a simple process. To do this, you need to reinstall the Kodi App on your Amazon Fire Stick. You can install the Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick. Good thing about this update is, you won’t loose any of your files, that you have already installed on your Fire stick.

You can get the complete steps of Installing Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick.

How to Update Kodi on MAC OS?

Updating Kodi on your MAC device is also same as the updating Kodi on your PC. It means you need to reinstall Kodi on your MAC. For this, you should remove the current version of Kodi and start the process of installing Kodi on MAC.

Here you can the complete steps of installing Kodi on MAC. So follow the steps and install Kodi on MAC and enjoy the streaming.

We hope these steps will help you to update the Kodi on your HTPC device. For more update like this, keep visiting our site

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