Guide to Stream MovieBox to ChromeCast

Do you want to know how to stream MovieBox App on big screen devices? Movie Box App has many advanced features. One of the best features is Chromecast. This MovieBox Chromecast feature makes the videos played on MovieBox on your mobile to play on big screen devices. MovieBox APK is compactable for big screen devices and it allows you to watch Movies and TV Shows for free. You can enjoy the movies and other media stuff in Big Screen freely by just having a good internet connection.

How to Stream Movie Box to ChromeCast

MovieBox is one of the Best Entertainment App with many features. It has categories for movies in different genres. It makes user search easy to find a particular movie or TV Show. The Movies and TV Series in Movie Box App are generally in HD quality. You can watch Movies in Big Screen with HD Quality. The Step by Step process of streaming MovieBox Chromecast is provided in the below section. Just Follow those steps and watch your favorite Movies on a big screen.

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Steps to Stream MovieBox Chromecast

  1. Download the AllCast App to connect your Android device to other devices.
  2. Next, Install that AllCast App on your Smartphone.
  3. After installation completed, click on AllCast App icon to launch.
  4. Now, Open MovieBox App on your Android device.
  5. Change the setting to Play Online videos.
  6. Next, Select any video in the MovieBox that you want to watch on your TV screen.
  7. Open AllCast App.
  8. Click on Apps option in the AllCast App main screen.
  9. Now, Select the Chromecast device to watch Video.
  10. Select the video in Movie Box App. Now, the video will be played on your TV screen.

Basic Information about Movie Box App

MovieBox App has proved that it is one of the best entertainment apps which can enable you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, Videos and much more. This Movie Box App has become the most popular and best source for watching Movies and TV series freely. It is available on smartphones, PC, and iPhone also. It offers latest movies, TV shows, and music that can be downloaded to watch offline. The Movie Box App is a great app which allows iOS users to stream TV Shows and movies free on their iPhones, iPads similar to Showbox app.

Features of MovieBox

  1. Movie Box App supports Chromecast to stream videos in big screen Devices.
  2. You can easily Download Videos.
  3. Movie Box is very easy to access.
  4. Provides regular updates on its MovieBox home screen.
  5. You can easily add your favorite Movies and TV Shows to a playlist to stream them later.
  6. You can give a rating to the videos, movies you watch online.
  7. You can watch videos and movies in different languages.
  8. It sorts the media content as per their Year and Genre.

Best MovieBox Alternatives

There are number of apps which are available as alternatives for MovieBox. Those are clearly listed. You can also install those apps to Stream Movies and TV Shows online.

List of Movie Box Alternatives

Application Description
Popcorn Time This Popcorn Time app is another alternative for Moviebox App. It is an open source media player which is originally designed as an alternative app to Netflix and other video streaming services. With this Popcorn Time app, you can stream torrents of your favorite TV shows and Movies. It is compatible with iOS and any computer.
Netflix The Netflix app is not a free app. You have to loosen out few bucks monthly to buy this Netflix app. It is not expensive for getting best features to watch Movies and TV shows.
PlayBox This is one the most popular and best alternative to Movie Box App. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS. It supports different languages subtitles.
Movie Hype This MovieHype app is a perfect alternative for Movie Box that allows you to stream movies and TV series with HD quality. It offers movie news and social aspect that cannot be found in other apps.

How to Install MovieBox for iPhone

We think this MovieBox Chromecast article helped you stream MovieBox Chromecast. If you have any error while streaming comment us. We will try our best to resolve your MovieBox to Chromecast Problem. The Chromecast MovieBox is the best choice to get full entertinment on big screen.

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