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Showbox is an excellent application which is used to stream videos online and can also be used to download HD Movies and TV shows for free of cost. This Showbox app offers thousands of movies, TV Programs for download. If you want to get Showbox for iOS. Download Showbox App for iPhone is very easy. In this article, we will show you how to install Showbox for iPhone Device. Follow those instructions carefully and install Showbox iPhone.

Showbox iPhone ( Showbox for iOS )

ShowBox for iOS operating system devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is very interesting. If you want unlimited entertainment, then you have to install Showbox on your Device. No matter which smartphone you are using for installing ShowBox App, you can enjoy your favorite Movies and TV Shows with HD quality. You can also check how to install Showbox for Android to know how to install Showbox for Smartphone.

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Showbox for iPhone devices is very an interesting. Streaming Movies on iPhone/iPad attracts users. There are so many methods are available for installing Showbox App iPhone. Choose one of the easiest methods and get Showbox iOS. If you want to install Showbox for Smart TV, we have also provided Showbox for Smart TV Guide. Follow that guide for getting Showbox App on Smart TV.

Showbox App iPhone – Installation Guide

Installing Showbox App for iPad or iPhone is very easy. There are various methods are available to install Showbox App iPhone. Here we have provided 5 different methods for you. Just follow one of the methods and get Showbox iOS Device like Showbox iPhone.

Method 1: Showbox for iOS Device like iPhone and iPad Using Vshare


  • Recommended iOS Versions
    • iOS 9.0 – 9.3.2
    • Version iOS 8.0 – 8.4.1
    • iOS 7.0 – 7.2.1
  • A USB cable for iPhone/iPad.
  • A Windows PC to push the install.

Steps to install Showbox App for iPad or iPhone

  1. First, Download and install Vshare latest version for Windows PC @
  2. Once installation completed, run Vshare.
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to Windows PC via USB cable.
  4. Once recognized, Tap on Trust from iPhone or iPad to continue.
  5. Go to the APPS tab on the top menu bar.
  6. Download MovieBox.
  7. Monitor the download process by click on DOWNLOADS tab.
  8. Once the download completed, now you have to click on the option Install Moviebox.
  9. Note: While MovieBox is being pushed to the iOS device, you do not disconnect or turn off iPhone or iPad.
  10. Now, ShowBox app begins to install on iPhone or iPad home screen.
  11. After the installation process is completed, you need to verify the author for using MovieBox app.
  12. Navigate to Settings –> General –> Profile and Device Management.
  13. Tap on the developers name which is associated with MovieBox.
  14. Hit Trust to enable the MovieBox app.
  15. Now, open MovieBox App iPhone and enjoy your favorite Movies, TV Shows, News & Trailers.

Method 2: Download ShowBox for iPhone using Android Emulator

  1. First, Download Cydia (Android Emulator) on iOS device.
  2. Remeber that your iPhone or iPad iOS version must be 6.0 or higher.
  3. Next, Launch Cydia and Tap on Manage at the bottom.
  4. Enter Sources and find
  5. Manually, Add it to the system.
  6. After source added, you need to type iAndroid and search for iAndroid App.
  7. Using the top right button, install iAndroid App.
  8. Wait for few minutes to complete the installation.
  9. Now, you can see iAndroid App on your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  10. You have to download ShowBox App from here.
  11. Open Showbox, after entering iAndroid.
  12. Now, you can run ShowBox App iPhone without any hassle.

Method 3: Showbox for iPhone Using Zestia Installer


  • Recommended iOS Versions iOS 8.1 – 10

Steps to install Showbox for iPad or iPhone using Zestia Installer

  1. Open iPhones/iPads Safari browser.
  2. Enter and click on Install Zestia.
  3. Click on Install and Install.
  4. Next, click on Done Option.
  5. Once Installed, press Home button.
  6. Look for the Zestia app and open it.
  7. Scroll down and Tap on All Applications.
  8. Again, Scroll down and install Movie Box app.
  9. Choosing the Moviebox app for installing will redirect you to Zestia app install page.
  10. Click on Tap Here to Install.
  11. Now, you need to verify the author before using the Showbox App.
  12. Go to Settings –> General –> Device Management.
  13. Select name of the developer which is as associated with MovieBox.
  14. Select Trust.
  15. After few minutes you will see the Showbox app on your iPhone or iPad home screen.

Method 4: Showbox for iOS Without JailBreak Using Othman


  • Recommended iOS Versions iOS 9.0 – 9.3.2

Steps to install Showbox App for iPad or iPhone using Othman

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Cleary history and website data.
  3. Next, Open Safari on iPhone or iPad.
  4. Browse to this given URL
  5. Click on the green button which shows Install App v3.3.7 to install MovieBox.
  6. Click Install Option.
  7. Now, you can see Moviebox or Showbox begin installing on your iPhone or iPad.
  8. After few minutes of time, the installation will be completed.
  9. Now, you have to manually approve the author.
  10. Go to Settings –> General –> Device Management –> Huawei.
  11. Click on Trust Huawei.
  12. Now, you can start using MovieBox on iPhone.

Method 5: Showbox App for iPhone or iPad using IPA Method

  1. Download the IPA file from the browser on the device directly.
  2. Open the browser.
  3. Next, search for Showbox IPA for iPhone or iPad.
  4. Click on Showbox IPA for iOS 7 and above.
  5. Download IPA file
  6. Click on install button to install Showbox directly.
  7. Now, the showbox installation will take few minutes.
  8. Open Showbox for iPhone and enjoy your favorite Movies.

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